Testimony of Saabi Masih

My name is Saabi Masih. I live in Vill: Aujala Colony Distt: Gurdaspur Punjab, India.

I born and brought up in Christian family. Even though I was from Christian family but I was not in Christ.

I was just namely Christian.

I use to alcohol and every kind of drugs. I was a very painful person and headache for my family.

Every day I use to fight with somebody I was not having any control on my but as well as on my anger. My family always uses to fear that I may not have fight with anybody.

Servants of the Lord use to come in my home and they use to pray for me and teach me. But always I used to ignore them.

One day Jesus performed great miracle in my life. I started to attend Sunday service.

After some time I confessed my sin and received Jesus Christ as my personal savior, and I took water baptism. Now I thank God for my wonderful life that He has granted to me. Now I go with the servants of the Lord to evangelize the people.

Continue to pray for my family and me.



Testimony of Laba

My name is Laba Masih S/o Late Daari Masih. My native place is Vill: Allechack Distt: Gurdaspur

I born and brought up in Christian family. Even though I was from Christian family but my faith was not in Christ.

During the period of my 5 to 15 years my mother and father both were passed away. I had two sisters I was the one responsible to care about them.

After the death of my mother and father my aunty and uncle took care about them so I thank god for their wonderful life and job in my life.
After sometime I started to follow the rituals and customs of others. I started to believe in other god and goddess.

I was totally entangled with chanting of mantras and etc.

In the 2008 I got the disease of sugar in my body I was suffering lot with that. I applied many treatments and the rituals of other god and goddess to get rid from that painful disease.

I had no any knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Day by day I was becoming so week in my body.

But in the 2009 year one of the servant of God met with me he introduced me Jesus Christ, then he prayed for me.

Slowly I started to get cure. My belief started to increased in Jesus.

After I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior and I took water baptism.

Now I thank God that am well now I go different places and evangelize for Jesus.

Continue to pray for me and my family.

May God Bless You

Testimony of Goldy K. Paul

Greetings to you in the name of our lord who is going to come soon.

My name is Goldy K Paul .I was born in a Christian family, but were only in a name sake .In 1980my family accepted God as their savior. My life was not so touched by God. When I was 12 years old I accepted God and took baptism in the name of God.

In 1992 I went to Gurgaon for 3 years study in ‘Grace Bible College’. There I was truly touched by god.

In 1995 I was married in a Hindu family; our family very often went against us and aroused many questions against our belief.

But by God’s grace I was given a life partner who was a believer.

Then in July 1995 we went to Chamba for the ministry of God. We received the only amount 1000 rupees per month. We use to somehow survive with the money. We never knew that our real struggle of life would start from here. When we used to go to share the words of God among people we many a times faced difficulties.  Early morning without having any breakfast we use to start our journey and on our way it was fine if we used get food otherwise we would had to starve. We use to eat the fruits which were fallen down. Many times our day went off without having any food or one time meal. Then it was the greatest shock of our life when our support of livelihood had stopped. But it was then when no one helped us, one servant of God from Palampur helped us open heartedly. He provided us with food and money. It is said that once you accept Jesus your life’s real struggle starts from there itself.

In 1996 we were blessed with a daughter. Now our life was not of two but of three. Slowly and steadily as she was growing the expenditure went out of our pocket .Many times an evil thought struck into our mind to leave Jesus and continue rest of our life in business.  But God made us realize that we are chosen by him and are his children. Then after two years we were again blessed with a daughter. Now we were thinking that it was difficult for us to survive as we will be over took by the expenditure of their future. But many people told us that the life of Christ is filled with difficulties and thorns.

Now at this time we are leading a very good and luxurious life. At this time I am serving God and helping the old and the slum women’s.